About Crafts on Wheels

Jenny Schmidt founded Crafts-on-Wheels in 2006 with the help of her partner (and daughter) Emma. Prior to Crafts-on-Wheels, Jenny worked as a Communications Coordinator at Cadence Design Systems and 3Com Corporation. She received her BA in Speech Communications from San Jose State University in 1998 with a minor in Art.

As a mother of four children, Jenny saw the opportunity for an alternative to jumpy castles and balloon artists at birthday parties and the need for children’s activities at corporate family events. Her mom also saw this opportunity and advised to “put it on wheels!” Thus, the name…Crafts-on-Wheels!

Jenny and Emma have always loved to do crafts together. After hosting many slumber parties, birthdays, and holiday events supplied with crafts projects, Jenny discovered her calling. She truly enjoys seeing what wonderful creations emerge and the pride it gives back to the kids.

Crafts-on-Wheels began from wanting parties to have variety. Now they can bring the projects and materials to you! So, consider having a craft table at your next special event. You will like what you see and your guests will love what they create.